We never show a bird that we buy so current show results will begin once the babies start maturing. Have no fear the wins will come.


IWBA point winner in black east indies – While I really don’t care about points it is still fun to be up front. I enjoy the competition but enjoy helping my competitors improve their birds and vice versa even better.

Minnesota Poultry Breeders Association – Hutchinson, MN

  • Champion display of the show – Black east indies
  • 15 indies shown – 14 placed – 3/4 1sts, 4/4 2nds, 2/4 3rds, 2/4 4ths, 3/4 5ths

West Central Wisconsin Poultry Club – Menomonie, WI

    • Reserve Champion of the Show, Champion Waterfowl, Champion Bantam(ABA), Champion Duck, Champion Bantam Duck on a Black East Indie Pullet.
    • Reserve of Breed Black East Indie on an Old Male.
    • BV Pastel Call Duck on a Pullet
    • Gray Call Ducks – 2/3 Old Male, 3/4 Pullet, 1/3 Young Male, 4/5 Old Female
    • White Call Ducks – 3 Old Hen, 1/4 Young Male, 3/4 Young Female
    • Black East Indie – 1 Old Male(RB), 1/2/3 Old Female, 1/2 Pullet(BB), 1 Young Male

Past show experience stretches from 1991-2004 and included shows all over the Midwest. We have won major awards in every breed that I have bred over the years with notable wins with bantam white rocks, bantam dark cornish, bantam black cornish, pekins, rouens, black east indies, call ducks, and runners. Between 1992-2004 nearly every show attended had at least 1 bird on champion row and usually 2 or more.

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