Welcome to Wilson’s Waterfowl and Poultry

Welcome to Wilson’s Waterfowl and Poultry. Located in the beautiful Central Minnesota countryside. Our farm is located right on the northwest edge of Minneapolis and is surrounded by thousands of acres of productive farm land and just a stone throw from the 31,000 acre Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge.


Minnesota is the national leader in production of commercial turkeys. There is also a very large production of broiler and egg flocks as well. Minnesota also is the national leader in non-commercial poultry production including gamebirds, backyard/farm flocks, and exhibition flocks. The exhibition flocks is where we fall in.



On our farm we breed and exhibit black east indies, pastel call ducks, white call ducks, gray call ducks, and light brahma bantams. Our flock was carefully put together to be strong and healthy birds in order to survive our harsh winters. Our birds are bred to the standard and reproduce well. Breeding stock has been and always will be aquired from carefully chosen breeding flocks around the United States and Canada.

Our flock is bred from the best birds available and records are maticulously kept to ensure they retain their reproductive qualities. We maintain a biosecure farm. We do not give tours and quarentine properly to ensure our flock is the healthiest they can possibly be.


Our Breeding stradegy is an equal mix of our passion for the birds, an artistic eye when putting the breeding pens together, and 20 years of poultry breeding experience. We breed to the APA and ABA standard, cull heavily, and utilize the best feeds and suppliments available to have the most consistant flock available.

Again, welcome to our website and feel free to contact me if you need any information that is not here.


Dustin Wilson

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